Airb&b and Me

My kind of adventure does not consist of zip lining through the Costa Rican mountains or shark diving off the coast of Capetown. No, but it has an element of danger all the same.

My kind of danger includes risking relationships of all kinds.

I had decided to stay at an Airb&b on my most recent escapade to New York City. I was used to staying in hotels, but this time of year, unbeknownst to me, the costs were outrageous.

So I downloaded the Airb&b app and began my search for a place to lay my head in The Big Apple.

I knew the city to some degree. I used to visit my childhood friend who lived on the upper west side for 18 years.

I began combing through the many profiles that offered rooms to rent. Midtown was where all the action takes place and there was only one room for the dates I would be there. I continued to expand my options by looking in the upper west side and upper eastside.

I found shared rooms, private rooms and entire apartments to rent.

The photographs made it helpful.

Not only was location important but cleanliness and overall ambiance was what I was looking for. I settled on Erik and Paul’s abode on the upper east side.

The room looked large, by New York standards, and equipped with fine furnishings from Ikea. I made my reservation request and began my dialogue with Erik. He said he would love to host my stay in NYC and proceeded to give me pertinent information regarding transportation and the acquisition of apartment keys.

Upon my arrival I met Erik and he said it would be fine to leave my bags off early. He showed me around the aged apartment and told me there were six rooms and that other fellow jet setters would be in two other bedrooms.That sounded reasonable to me at the time. Later I would question my definition of “reasonable.”

The apartment consisted of one small dingy kitchen, one bathroom, that appeared more suitable in the photographs and a long hallway in which the other rooms branched off of. My room was indeed private, situated at the end of the hallway, which I later came to realize was a hike in the middle of the night when your bladder calls and your stumbling around in foreign

On one my jaunts to the bathroom I ran into a older gentleman who proceeded to speak Italian to me as if I knew him.

I saw a young Asian couple couple when I passed by the kitchen.

I later came to wonder if those were her long dark stands of hair left behind in the tub/shower.

Non-the-less, I never felt my safety was in jeopardy.

I stayed occupied so as to only have to inhabit my NYC digs for sleeping.

The smell of what I concluded was cannabis wafting from one of the rooms in the evenings was off putting, as was the smell of someone warming up Spagetti-O’s in the kitchen.

Maybe I’m too old or too set in my ways for a boarding house atmosphere? Maybe I just need to refine my search on Airb&b for a private bedroom and a private bathroom!

I wrapped up my stay by leaving my room as tidy as I found it and leaving Erik a informative review on Airb&b.

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