Going Solo

Traveling solo has it’s pluses and minuses. I arrived at the airport at 5:30 am. Dressed for comfort in my LuLulumon, my gal pal helped me pick out. I thought this would make it easy going through the TSA line. I was headed to New York City, my happy place. Only this time I was not going to meet anyone. I was going to a Modern Love Live event at The Town Hall. This trip was about stepping outside my comfort zone. No friends to meet up with. No dating app to help me connect with dates. No, this trip I vowed to keep it organic. Meet people the old fashioned way. Face to face.photo-1429053936782-e8cb7d267f15

As I took my seat in 28B, the center seat by the way,  I was eying all the people coming down the isle,  wondering who would be my seat mates? Please, no crying babies I thought. I started praying the seats would stay empty.

Even better, when I got sandwiched between two guys. One looked like a thirty something hipster from Miami. The other a Greek god, with bronze hairless skin.

I instantly felt safe, with all the testosterone surrounding me. I imagined if the plane went down, that these two gentlemen would pick me up and carry me to safety as the plane burst into flames.

You see, I was working on 3 hours sleep and had hoped  to sleep most of the flight.

Good thing people can’t read your mind because all I was thinking was how I wanted to just cozy up and rest my head on Hercules’ shoulders.

He was oblivious

He slept and I slept. I felt like the cream in the middle of an Oreo cookie. Squished between two men, how bad can this be for a single gal? Hercules had quadriceps that you couldn’t help but notice, as he was wearing shorts, and his biceps that were spilling into my airspace. Did he know they were pressing against my arm? That was my arm rest by the way!

The entire flight I never spoke a word to either of them. This could largely be in part because they both had ear buds in their ears,  I assume listening to music.

Has technology helped or hindered us in the meeting process?

We are so ready to connect with people we don’t know thru an app or online but  when face to face, have we lost the art of communicating?

So much for meeting the old fashioned way.

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