Patience, The Unforgotten Virtue

The holiday hoopla was in full swing. The roads in south florida were getting more and more congested with snowbirds escaping the increasing cold temperatures up north and this just adds to the anxiety in the air.

We all seem to be in a hurry to get somewhere quick.

I am in the business of making women beautiful and this time of year gets especially busy. Knowing that my schedule will be hectic, I planned ahead for my own personal beauty treats, so as to not neglect my own self in the holiday frenzy. I know we all want to look our best at the Thanksgiving table.

I had made an appointment with my favorite manicurist on my only day off before Thanksgiving. I put the appointment on my iphone calendar with a handy alert set to remind me the day before of the exact time, and anyone who knows me knows that I suffer from an “on time” disease. I work by appointments myself and revere staying on schedule.

I knew I was early for my appointment and was prepared to relax. However, I was not pleased when the not-so-english speaking receptionist could not find my appointment anywhere on the schedule.

Now, this was trying my patience.

You know when you plan, and things don’t go according to your plan?

So much of life doesn’t go according to our plans.

kkuneszrsqc-sergey-svechnikovI realize getting a mani-pedi is insignificant in the scheme of life events, yet we can all be guilty of impatience when a flight is delayed or a package from Amazon doesn’t arrive on time. It seems people everywhere are impaired by impatience. I am not alone in this struggle.

I had thought I was a patient person. Wanting a second child and trying to conceive with no avail for three plus years and having every test performed with no diagnosis was intolerable and yet I endured it because I longed for another child.

Then, I was separated from my husband after he left our home for six and half years before a divorce document was signed. This was because separation and divorce was not in my plan, and I was hoping and praying for restoration of my family. It gave me the opportunity to once again exercise patience.

I have learned what patience is not also. It is not rolling your eyes when your told your appointment is not on the schedule. Nor is it raising your tone of voice at the gate agent when you learn your flight is stuck in winter weather and you won’t make it home in time for the Christmas party.

No, waiting and grumbling does not define patience. Patience is defined as waiting without complaint, so no eye-rolling allowed. As if that wasn’t hard enough the real challenge in life is when circumstances are uncomfortable and you can endure without complaint. This is what makes patience a virtue.

No, you don’t get a “Virtue” badge for waiting in stop and go traffic for hours if you have been cursing out the driver in front you or making some single fingered hand gestures at them.

So much of life requires patience.

I decided that day while I was waiting for someone to become available to do my nails that I would be grateful that I had nails that needed a manicure.

Take the challenge next time you are faced with the good fortune to be patient and note if you are really able to be virtuous.

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